Friday, January 22, 2010

A Few Random Oprah Thoughts

As I sit here and watch today's TiVo'd Oprah, I am coming across with a few thoughts. Today was her Fridays Live show in which she talks about several different topics. Here are my thoughts about some of today's topics:

  • Her first guests were Sarah and Bristol Palin.Unless, you have been under a rock, you know that Bristol had a baby when she was a teenager. Oprah questioned Bristol about a statement that she made in US magazine, about not having sex again until she gets married. During the interview, Oprah asked her why she would made such a statement, since the media is going to watching and waiting for her to fail. I felt that Bristol could not really explain herself and her mother was not much help in explaining either. I have seen comments on with people being upset that Oprah asked the question. My opinion is that if you are in the media light and are doing interviews, you need to be ready for questions that are asked or be able to explain statements that you have made. Furthermore, why do we care if Bristol has sex again or not? I think that Oprah was just asking the question because she did not want the young lady to set her self up for failure and let's be real we are nosy and we all want to know what is going on in reality stars lives. Oprah did not say she would not be true to her word, she was just asking how she was going to guarantee it. I do not know why some people are upset about the question since no one gets upset when Oprah asks murderers why they kill or why people use drugs or any other question that she ask guest. There are some many other interesting things and people to talk about besides the Palins. I wish that we would leave this family alone and move on to something else. 
  • Oprah also talked about a show that aired earlier this week talking about driving and texting. You can click here to see the whole show. Today she had viewers reactions to the show. I must admit I did find the show informative and interesting. It was interesting to learn that when you text and drive you are more impaired than a drunk driver. I do talk on my phone with my bluetooth when I am driving. I am seduced by my Blackberry when the red light is blinking and I want to know what was uploaded or who is sending me something. Since the show I have been working on not talking on the phone or checking it unless I am at a stoplight. I am not a total convert yet, but I am working on it. 
I really like Oprah and I am going to miss her show when she goes off the air. Maybe she will not go totally away and start her own network..... O Tv sounds good.

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