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Monday Mommy Murmurings

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My daughter woke up this morning and handed me this....
an English muffin that she toasted, buttered and wrapped in this napkin that she wrote on. It was so cute and I really appreciated it. It was nice to have her do something for me, but then I began to think what does she want. Then I felt bad for thinking that. I think that we all sometimes over think things and don't savor the moment of what has just happened. Once I stopped over thinking it, I was able to appreciate the time and care that went in to her doing that for me this morning. I was able to appreciate her in my life and how much I loved her. I finally realized that she was showing me love in her own way. It is sometimes the simple things that make you feel special.
When I finally got to work and was able to enjoy the fruits of her labor. It was not toasted as long as I wanted to be. There was a little too much butter on it for my liking. The lovely purple marker had bled through to top of the muffin. You know what, I…

Wednesday Whinning

Monday Mommy Murmurings

A Triple Header: Part II

Splish, Splash it is time for a Swim Team Bash. My little one enjoys the water so much, she was ready to get in the pool as soon a we hit the parking lot. The bash was held at the Gahanna Aquatics Facility This facility has 2 separate pools, water slides, water climbing wall, diving boards, playground, shelter and picnic tables. There is lots of space to sun bathe and relax. In looking at the memberships for the pool, they seem reasonable and if my daughters swim team fees did not include a summer membership I would look into this facility.  For the party the team had access to all the pools and the shelter area.

It was a simple and casual affair, potluck style. Most of the main food was prepared by one of the swim moms and all the other families brought sides or drinks. As most team parties or banquets go, the coaches gave speeches and awards. All the kids got goodies and the ones who qualified for finals, my little fish, was one of them for the relay that she participated in. I was…

A Triple Header: Part I

The little lady and I had a busy, busy, but memorable weekend. Remember last week I said that I was doing something that I said that I would never do, so here it is....camping!

FRIDAY--The busy weekend began with a Girl Scout Baseball Game and Overnight at Huntington Field.  Of course, we had nothing for camping out. Luckily, I have friends and neighbors that have camping supplies that I can use. The girls in Gabby's troop dressed in their Girl Scout shirts and participated in the Girl Scout parade on the field before the game began, which they loved see themselves on the big screen. Then it was game time, to be honest, most of the girls were not that interested in the game except for when they were eating nachos and ice cream while dancing to the intermittent music that was being played.

When the game was over the real fun began, it was camp out time. The thing about Columbus is that everything happens in one area and usually at the same time. This was the case on the this Friday,…

" Eat My Bubbles"

My little fish, AKA Flipper,  has been taking swimming lesson since she has been 2 years old. She loves the water and always has every since she was 6 months old and spent the summer with her Godmother Kelly and spent lots of time within her pool.

This summer she joined a local swim team. She loved it from her first race in breaststroke and she won her heat. She was hooked and I am sunburn. We spent the last 8 weeks every Wednesday nights swimming in tournament for.  She did very well  and even qualified for finals in the 25 yard freestyle and in the 100 4 x 25 relay.

Even though we had a little issue during the tournament, with my little fish telling a fellow competitor that she beat her and her parent being angry about it. Well, first she did not tell a lie she did beat her. Two, the girls totally forgot about it and was playing together 3 minutes later and thirdly her coach corrected her about it.  This parent was so upset that they complained to officials of the swim meet, who in…