Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tot Tuesday:Whining

This post is a little venting, so do not criticize, but do all 4 year old children whine? Miss G seems to be whining about every little thing from her juice not tasting right to her having to get out of the pool when her swim class is over to Nick Jr. changing her show line up.To be honest, I am over it. It is getting to be a little annoying.  I try to talk to her and calm her down, but she continues to whine I try to cuddle or redirect her and she still whines. I don't want to be mad  or frustrated at her all the time because she is whining, but I really need it to stop before I pull my hair out. So if you have any suggestions on what works with you, please I am open to your suggestions.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tot Tuesday: Family Time

Family time around my house is an organized event, but not always. I try to have some planned event, which are not always elaborate but fun. The most important part is that we spend time together.  I also look for things that do not cost a lot of money so that we can do things more often. Here are some of the things that we do together. Please fee free to share more ideas, I am always look for more.
  • Family movie night. Just had one with Star Wars.
  • Game Night
  • Preparing a meal together.
  • Baking together.
  • Doing an outside activity.
  • Going to the zoo. 
  • Going for a walk.
  • Watching a tv show together.
  • Going to the spring football game at OSU.
  • Visiting the aquarium.
  • Going to a local fair.
  • Going to the library.
  • Going to Superhero Day at the local mall
  • Attending Duckling Day at the local library.
Miss G always comes up with ideas which usually involves Chuck E Cheese or Build A Bear, those are special occasion trips.  What do you do with your little one? What suggestions do you have for more family time fun?