Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Monday Murmurings: Holidays Are A Coming

Have you started dreaming about the holidays? Of course the kids have, but have you thought about what you want this season to be. I love this time of year and I get so excited for whats to come. I love the decorate and every year for either Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas I look for something new to add to my decor. I have started looking on Pintrest to for ideas. It's a shame, but some of the stores in my area have already put the Christmas lights and trees in one aisle and all the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations in another aisle. My wheels are turning on thinking on what I want to add. I am always looking for a deal or what I can make. I am trying to put a plan in place on how to execute this master plan of mine. I cannot wait to share what I come up with.

Do you enjoy the holidays? What do you do for your home?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Go Girl!

 On this past Saturday, my little one and I went to the 2017 National Girl Scout conference. When I say wow, I mean it. There was so much to do and see.  I was happy to see all the girls there, from  different cities and races that only cared about nothing else but that the other girl was a Girl Scout and how patches she had. It gave me a chance to really see what Girl Scouts is really all about especially now that the Miss G is a Daisy. We explored all that there was to offer from the S.T.E.M programs that they had to all ages to participate in. There was also a service project that all the attendees could help with from stuff hygiene bags to writing  a cheerful note for the families at the YMCA family center.

Miss G was so excited and could not wait to go from thing to thing. She enjoyed spending time at the NASA and the COSI exhibits and interacting with all of the science experiments and technology present that she could work on.

Including all the S.T.E.M projects, there was also some craft projects sponsored by Jo-Ann's Fabrics. She really enjoyed creating her "super girl" cape.

I think the most important to learn for her during the conference was that she is able to do anything and just because she is a girl does not make a difference. We already practice this concept with our morning when we recite our positive words, but it was really reinforcing to see  the word spread across a huge wall.

I really enjoyed our time together and am looking forward to see what she accomplishes with her Daisy Scout  Troop.

***********As I was writing this post,  heard a new story about The Boy Scouts allowing girls to join next year. I personally thinks it would take away from the Girls Scouts and all they have to they have to offer.  What are your thoughts?

Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday Murmurings: Activities vs. Me Time

As mom's we want our children to have all the experiences they can have in life. Exploring those activities also involves moms being the taxi, the banker and snack machine for them. Not only are we wanting them to explore the activities, we also explore them by participating in the activity, socializing with the other parents or providing the snacks for the team. I really do not think that is the intent of the activity. I know that children need parent involvement, but sometimes it is too much, between work and home. To be honest, at times I want to be that parent who drops the kid off  at the activity and sometimes socializes with the other parents but gets to enjoy 45 minutes of "me" time. At times, that 45 minutes is needed  to refresh especially with the 50 minutes of prep time used to get to the activity.

I have thought about limiting the number of activities she participated in, but I have also thought with doing that, that I was limiting her.  I do not want to stifle her growth as a person,  her creative juices or  her free spirit of trying.  I am do not think that I should limit her activities, since I am involved in a few myself. So....I have chosen to not to limit her, but to limit myself which moms do all the time. I find pockets of  "me" time during her activities to recharge to get back into mommy-mode.  I just keep reminding myself of the glee I feel as a parent when she is singing a song at church, mastering a new swim stroke or when her annual dance recital comes around.  I want her to be happy and her current activities do. I know that it won't last always and I have 13 years to figure out what to do with my extended "me" time when all her activities end (or they won't end but all I will have to do is show up).

Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday Murmurings: Fall is Here

I am excited about fall. Besides the fact that it means that my favorite holiday, Christmas, is not to far away, there is so much to do during the fall season. I look forward to going apple picking, drinking apple cider, carving pumpkins, bonfires, football and bike rides and hikes with all of the beautiful fall colors. The coolness of the weather is great for exploring outside or leaving the windows open for a cool breeze to sleep to. It is great for  nice fluffy blankets and cool leather jackets. I love Autumn for the change in the season and for daylight savings time. I look forward to fall for the all the holidays off from work and all of the cardigans I love to wear. Autumn is for wearing crazy socks and fashionable hats. Autumn is for a refreshing of the home in preparation of welcoming of family and friends for gathering and celebrating football, food and thankfulness. It seems like such a busy time of year,, and it is, but I look forward to every moment of it. Do have any things that you like about Autumn?