Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hello...My Name is Dana

Hi I know that I have been away. Life happens. I have been busy on Instagram and Facebook but it is not the same as this. Since I have been away for so long, let me introduce myself. My name is Dana. I am a wife and mother of a 6 year girl. I spend my time crafting (trying to start my own Esty business), lots of community service and spending time with my family. I spend lots of time doing things at my church and with my sorority. I love mindless tv, crafting and playing on social media as a release from the everyday. I am a busy mom, with a busy life which I am learning to manage and make better. I welcome you to my sometimes dull and ordinary life while I try to make an amazing one.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday Murmurings: Listen, Pray, Love

This  past weekend my husband and I attend our church's couples retreat. Even though he is not a member there (yet) when he has gone to church he always attended there. I must say that I really enjoyed the retreat and the time that we had together alone. We were are able to connect with each over through conversations with other couple of all different years as well reconnect with each other. It was nice to hear that other couples have struggles and obtain feedback on what worked for them and may some of it will work for us. There are 3 things that I learned from this weekend, listen, pray and love.

  • Listen. I think that I have always listen to my husband, but I do not think that I have listen to the point that I have processed what I was hearing to respond appropriately. The couples there who has 20, 30 one that had 50 all said that you have to learn to listen to your spouse and that listening is just not hearing what they said but it also includes knowing their body language and knowing when to respond and when to wait to respond. 
  • Pray. I have always prayed for my husband and my family, but I feel that I might not have been praying the right pray. I think that my prayers were the not specific enough. I learned that I need to be specific in my prayers if I want a specific response. I also learned that prayer together is important to strengthen your marriage, your family and your faith.
  • Love. I learned that even though that we say in our marriage vows, that we will love forever, it is never specific in what that love will look like. I realized that love will change over times and there are times you may question what that love is. As a couple you need to look at what your love will look, work through the different season of that love and focus on that love even when times are hard. 
I am sure that as we meet more with the couples ministry and start to learn more my list will grow as we mature and grow. I am excited for what is to come for my marriage and family as I learn more about my husband.