Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1st Anniversary..What to Do?

If you followed me on my blog Jumping the Broom, when I was planning my wedding I did a post about the stipulations of how we had to travel (click here to see post). Just to recap a little, my dear hubby does not fly nor has he ever flown and states that he will probably will never fly, so thus we have to travel by car. Flying is so much quicker and easier, but I can not dwell on that but try to find somewhere that is a reasonable drive from our state. Our trip for our anniversary is going to be about a 2-4 day trip. We are looking at taking a longer trip sometime in the summer since my husband wants to go back to the beach, since he loved it so much when went on our honeymoon (You have any suggestions for great beaches to go to email me or respond to this post). I am looking at somewhere that we can have a fun, relaxing and short drive. At first, I had thought about renting a cabin for a few days, but when I started to look at the prices, I thought we can go out of the state for a few days for what they want. Since we live in the Midwest, I thought about that we could either go to Chicago or New York. They both have lots of things that we can do and the drives are not that bad. The hubs and I really need to figure out what we are going to since we only have a little over 2 months to the big anniversary. If you live in the Midwest and have any suggestions, please let me know any help will be appreciated.


Aarika said...

I don't know much about the midwest, but you could do a search for "romantic midwest getaway" and see what comes from that. You would be amazed at what you could find. I did a similar search for the southeast and found lots of good places for me and my husband to go.

Dana said...

Thanks. I will try it.

Startup Wife said...

I'm not sure where in the Midwest you live and if these are completely too far from you, but things I've always wanted to do/love to do if I were in the 'general area' of the East Coast (haha--can you tell I'm from CA?) are:

--Visit Amish Country in Pennsylvania--eat all the farm food, stay in an inn or B&B somewhere, get a sense of rural life
--go antiquing
--spend time in DC/Northern Virginia--lots of history, GREAT restaurants, some really cute towns
--New York--a billion things to do there, of course :)
--Connecticut--so gorgeous, quaint and interesting

I bet there's all kinds of great things to do in Chicago! Or it might be fun to go to Austin, TX and check out the great music scene/food/beauty, or maybe see some of the Shenandoahs in WV or something.

Also, that's pretty intense that your husband will never fly! I totally sympathize--I HATE flying and am a complete wreck for like, the whole week before I have to get on a plane. Is it that he's afraid?

Dana said...

Thanks Start Up Wife. PA and NY are not that far from us. I might check those out. Thanks for the suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Lake Geneva in Wisconsin is amazing! http://www.lakegenevawi.com/

Dana said...

Thanks happynappybride for the suggestion.