Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boudoir Photo Shoot and Valentine's Day

I said that I would update you on my photo shoot that I did a couple of Saturdays ago. I must admit, even though Sarah, my photographer, has taken my engagement, wedding and trash the dress photos, I was a little nervous about strutting around her in my underwear. After the talking to her about what shots that I wanted and the feeling of the photos that I wanted, I felt at ease. I really got into changing into the different outfits that I brought and using all of the props. I had so much fun and felt really sexy. I could be a Playboy model after this shoot (NOT, I had too much clothing on). The photos turned out great and I really think that the hubs is going to enjoy them. I have made a photo book for my huband for Valentine's Day of all of my photos. I can not wait to give it to him tomorrow.

Before I spend Valentine's Day with the hubs, I am going to have Valentine's Day with my mommy today. I think that I am going to take her out for dinner and get her some of favorite heart shaped donuts.

For Valentine's Day, the hubs and I  have decided to have a couples massage and go out to brunch and listen to a little jazz. After that we will probably come home and veg out with a movie. I am just happy that it is a 3-day weekend (Yippppppppy). I have been leaving hints all week about what he should get me for Valentine's Day, like flowers and something from Bath and Body Works. I hope that he follows instructions (he usually does). I hope that you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

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Aarika said...

The photo shoot sounds like it turned out nice. I am sure your hubby will enjoy it.