Friday, February 12, 2010

Cubicle + Office = Sucks

My office is moving this weekend into a new building. New building....yeah. Not having a door I have had an office that I have shared with my co-worker Lisa for the last 2 years. We have created a relaxed work space with mellow lighting, soft music, laughs and a lovely door that we kept shut. Now I am moving into a little grey box, with no door. I am going to miss my door and my co-worker even though she will be on the other side of my grey box.

I have started to gather items to decorate my new work space. I am looking for items with color. I  have few items like a lamp, cool pen and envelope holders and pictures.  I need something else to add color, so I do not feel like I am living in a cell but a space for conducive work to take place. I will check out somethings this weekend that may work in my space to make it more homey.

If you work in cubicle is there anything that you did to make your space better? Have a great T.G.I.F.


Conscious Bride said...

What about bringing in some colored storage items? Lighting is a must. I'm so spoiled that I get headaches when I use the flourescents in my office. Pictures? I found a really nice office design (that I'm working towards in my home office) over at decorating.

Hope this helps!

The PeachPost said...

I'm in a huge cube that I share with four people so count your blessings. To spruce up my area, I have a cute mirror, framed pics, awards that I have received from work and other random stuff. I just used one theme and stuck to and it works - antique gold.

Dana said...

Thanks for the suggest Conscious Bride and Peach Post for your suggestions. I will check out the ideas.