Friday, February 26, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

I am getting into this "Fill in the Blanks" Fridays. It is fun. Here is this weeks......

When I am nervous my stomach starts to cramp. People may not know on the outside, but my body definitely knows on the inside.

My favorite item in my closet is my black pants from Old Navy. I love them because I thought I could never wear anything in the store, they are a smaller size than I normally wear and I think that my bottom half looks great in them.

Vegging out on the couch and watching TV is  my favorite thing to do when I need to relax.

My favorite childhood memory is baking Christmas cookies with my mom. We would always find something to talk, laugh and sing Christmas songs off key while we were baking.  It was a great time and something that I enjoy doing then and now with my mom.

Something that you may not know about me  is that I am an only child and I kinda of like it that way.

A true friend will tell you when your outfit does not look quite right, when your pantyhose have a hole in them, if your perfume is making them sick, if your hair looks a mess, when you are wearing one blue sock and one black sock, when  your lipstick is bleeding onto your chin and if you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

Something that I hope people think of when they think of me is that I may laugh at you  and with you, but I also enjoy having a good laugh at myself.

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Have a good Friday and a great weekend!!!


Mrs. Sergeant said...

Hey Lady! I'm going to do your tag really soon! I love it and your blog which is why you got a blog award from me! :-) Stop by my blog and pick it up! Have a great weekend!

my name is lauren. said...

i'm totally with you on tv watching. i'm a total tv girl too.

thanks for playing along this week & i'm glad you're enjoying these posts!

hope you have a great weekend.


Whitney said...

Amen for old navy pants!

I swear, they are the only pants that fit me right and they are *always* a smaller size than pants from any other store. Love it!

Charris said...

Hi Dana you have a really cut blog

Dana said...

Thanks for all the comments and all the new friends that have stopped by.