Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Things To Do in 2010 Update

We are three months in  on my "Things To Do in 2010" and I needed to a check-in. Let's see how I am doing.
  • Blog at least 3x per week- I think that I have been doing pretty good with this. I know there have a been a few weeks where I did 2 and not 3, but it is better than none at all. 
  • Complete some home improvement projects- Some of the home improvement projects that have been started, such as painting a dresser for my husband or adding a railing up the stairway, have been started but need to be finished, like finding the proper knobs for the dresser and now painting the hallway since my husband has put pencil marks on the wall trying to line up the railing. Some of the project we have planned like, buliding a deck and redo the bath are going to wait until warmer weather. 
  • Keeping my closets clean-- I think I have been doing ok with this. What I really need to do is to move my winter clothes to tubs in the basement or donating the clothes that I can no longer wear. That sounds like a weekend project....maybe not this weekend but some weekend soon. 
  • Plan a vacation or a weekend trip with the hubby- We have a little trip planned for our 1st anniversary next month. We are looking at taking a weekend trip some time in June and maybe a trip to the beach in the early fall. 
  • Read 10 books- The last book I read, was "What to Expect Before Your Expecting", and no I am not expecting and maybe after reading that book I might not ever be. I have been mainly looking at magazines lately.  Have any good book suggestions?
  • Save $500.00-  I have been  doing good at this. Even when I take money out of my savings, I put it back when I get paid. 
  • Spend more time with the hubby-- We have been spend time together when he is off, since he does not have the normal Saturday and Sunday off. I make sure on the days that he is off that and I have something to do, I make sure that it does not take longer than a few hours to complete. 
  • Try 5 new baking or cooking recipes--I am still cooking the old stand-bys for dinner. Yet to date, I have not tried anything new. Have any suggestions?
  • Build a closer relationship with God-- This is a continuealy process. I have been creating a routine, so that this can happen with prayer and study. I would like to read the Bible within the year and am currnetly looking for a reading list to start with. I recently downloaded the Bible on my Blackberry so that I can read on the go. I think that is will help. 
  • Lose 50 pounds-- This goal has been shortly derailed. I had been excerising with a co-worker and had even started taking an African dance class, when my knees really started bothering me. I have been working with my doctor to get some assistance with my knees, so that when the weather warms up I will be able to start doing some walking outside to get back on track.
That's my update. I am doing OK. Did you set any goals at the beginning of the year and how are you doing? Happy Hump Day!!!

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