Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is Your Life Thursday

I have been looking at some other blogs and noticed that some of them have a on-going weekly series. I currently participate in the "Fill in the Blank Fridays" on Lauren's site and  I thought I give it a try and see how it goes on my blog. This is series is meant to be light and fun. Let's get started.  This weeks, This is Your Life is.........

Do you have a favorite food?

I have two favorite foods and one is a dessert. My first favorite is seafood. Mainly I enjoy shrimp, most fried fish, lobster and crab legs. I do not like calms, oysters or squid. I think I could eat seafood almost any night of the week. I usually stock up my deep freezer with all types of fish since it is on sale during the Lenten season. I can eat fish grilled, fried or broiled. The reason that I think that I like it so is because seafood can be light and filling meal. I also think that I  you can flavor and cook the fish in so many ways, it is always something new to experience. Seafood is so delicious.

My second favorite food is Resches Bakery cake and donuts.  Resechs Bakery is a bakery in my hometown.  Their donuts are just melt in your mouth. I really love the glazed donuts with the creme filling. I really love their cake and look forward to getting one every birthday. They are kinda of expensive so I did not get my wedding cake there. The icing  on the cake is so creamy with just the right sweetness. The cake is always so light and fluffy and I like the yellow cake the best. Resechs is so mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Here are some upcoming "This is Your Life" post......

March 25-- What is one of the sweetest things that your boyfriend/husband has done for you?
April 1-- What was your favorite vacation?
April 8-- Tell us about your marriage proposal (if your single tell us about your fantasy proposal).
April 15--What is your best cleaning tip?
April 22--Tell us what your favorite TV show or movie is.
April 29--What 10 things can you do with $5.00?

If  you have any "This is Your Life" posting here to let me know.

Join in on the fun by adding your link here...I can wait to read your post.

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