Friday, April 30, 2010

Fill in the Blanks

  1. Absolute favorite movie of all time is a toss up between Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles and West Side Story. I love them all. They all make me happy when I watch them.
  2. My favorite movie as a child are the movies I listed in #1.
  3. The best movie quote ever is, " Put the candle back", from Young Frankenstein. This is when Gene Wilder got stuck in the rotating wall and wanted the Madeline Kahn to put the candle back so that he could get unstuck. I guess it was funny when you see it. I laughed when I first saw the movie and I laugh when I watch it now.
  4. My favorite actress is I really do not have a favorite actress, but I enjoy watching movies that Angela Bassett. From being Tina Turner to staring in a Tyler Perry movie she has been good in all of them. My favorite actor is Denzel Washington. I think that it is his pearly whites and great smile. He is an excellent actor and I have liked him in every role he had been in. I just think that he should of won his Oscar for a more positive role, like Malcom X, but I am glad he got one anyway.
  5. The movie that I can watch over and over is"16 Candles". I think that it is funny and the issues in the movie never go old. We all remember what it feels like to be 16, glad those days are over.
  6. Movie that I would like to watch this weekend is "New Moon" for the 3 time. It is getting me ready for the next movie in the "Twilight" series that comes out next month.

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