Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hit the Tile Jackpot

As I have stated before, I have some unfinished home improvement projects that need to be completed. Well, one just got on the way. I woke up this past Saturday and felt like going to my local Habitat for Humanity ReStores. It is a great store. You never know what you are going to find, if anything. This trip I hit the tile jackpot. There were all sorts of different tiles there. I have never seen so many tiles within this particluar store. Of course, the hubby was at home and I did not want to make this purchase without him co-signing since I could not bring the tiles back once purchased. So, there I was taking pictures on my Blackberry of all the different tiles that I liked and were texting them to the hubby who was still half sleep. I could not pass up the deal, especially  since the title was $10.00 per box.  I have priced tile in the past and there was no way we were going to be able to redo our downstairs bathroom for that price. In the end, the tile purchased worked out to be about $.87 per square foot. What a bargain. Once the hubby agreed with the tile I selected it was off to pay for it and load in to the car. I ended up purchasing 7 boxes. The helpful volunteers helped put it in my car. I felt good about purchasing something from the store since I know the money goes to a good cause , which is assisting to build more Habitat for Humanity homes and also I know that the left over tile that I purchased is not going to a landfill but being put to good use.

Now all I have to do it, find some accent tile to give some pop to the shower. I also have to find a cabinet and I really want to put in a vessel sink. I like something like this....
We have not decided if we are going to put in glass shower doors or just keep a shower curtain (which I would rather have a shower curtain since I like to change them so often, but we will see). Wish us luck. I have never tiled before, but I am looking forward to demo. If you have any bathroom redo tips, please let me know.

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