Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Loss and Ramblings

One of my mom's good friends husband of over 20 years passed. Since my mom told me I have been thinking about, what would I do if I lost Mr. J? I have always been a very independent woman and lived on my own for several years before moving in with Mr. J. I know that it would be a financial change, but  have been blessed with a good job that I would be able to maintain my household.  I think that it would be more emotional for me, of course.  I know that I would have a support of my family and friends during my emotional crisis. It would be hard to have someone around you that you have a special connection with just go away. I guess it is like that when anyone that you love dies. Even though Mr. J and I have been only been married for 1 year, we have been together for 10. He is a huge piece of my life. With that piece gone, how would I be as a person?  The thought of ever losing Mr. J, has me planning for the future by looking into  more life insurance and writing a will. These are things that I thought older people did, not a person in their 30's. With marriage there comes new responsiblilty and planning can assist with the unforseen. With all of the planning, there would nothing that would replace what Mr. J means to me. I know that my mom's friend is a strong person and has a strong support system in place. Even with all that, I  know nothing will replace her husband. I will continue to keep her and family in my prayers.

  1. Why do people feel that when you hair grows out and gets long, it is now ok to touch it?
  2. When is "going green" going to be the norm and not a trend? (Earth Day is tomorrow)
  3. When is ok to eat a hot fudge sundae for breakfast?
  4. We can find a way for a man to get an erection, but we can not find a cure for breast cancer.
  5. When a man speaks his mind, he is being assertive. When a woman speaks her mind is being a _____.

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