Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is Your Life Thursday

What is your favorite vacation?

I have traveled a lot over the years. This one was hard one. I do not just have one favorite vacation, so I am choosing 2. My first favorite is any vacation that I have taken with my mom. Some of our favorite places to travel are Viva Las Vegas and Florida. We have fun everytime that we go away together. When we are together we explore the area that we are in, but we always make time to relax, what else are vacations for.

My second favorite vacation was my honeymoon. I love the beach and anytime that I get to go there it is great. My husband and I had taken mini-trips before, but on our honeymoon he was a totally different person. He wanted to see everything and pointed out things to me that I would have never looked at before. Relaxing on the beach, even if it was sometimes chilly, was just what we needed after our wedding. Heck, this vacation was also just simply special because it was our honeymoon.
Here is one of the photos of the hubby being an explorer on our honeymoon.

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