Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is Your Life Thursday

Tell us about Your Marriage Proposal (or dream proposal)

I thought that this post would be fitting this week since I will be celebrating my first wedding anniversary this weekend. My proposal was not all romantic as most are, mine was kinda of comical. Well, here is my proposal story....

On Christmas Day 2007, we were all gathered around the tree opening present. Everyone had gotten their presents and I was looking for my present from Mr. J. I sat there for a while and then just gave up and went into the kitchen to finish cleaning up from dinner. Mr. J came up behind me with a book in his hand, stating that he went to jewerly store and they had lost my ring. I began saying a few choice words and hit the book out of his hand and walked away. Little did I know that he had told everyone in the living room what was going on and they were laughing at me.

Around 2:00 am in the morning, Mr.J came busting into the bedroom yelling and screaming waking me up out of a dead sleep. As I fumble for my glasses to see what was going on, he was getting on one knee.  By time I got my glasses on, I realize what was going on. I began to crying and not one of those cute cries it was one of those ugly cries. I must say it was not one of my best moments. After the snot cleared,  I was able to hear him say, " Will you become my wife?" and of course I said....." YES!" Since we were both awake, we ended up watching movies until we fell asleep.

No, my proposal was not like most. Which I think makes it unique. I think that I would have to question Mr. J if it was mushy , because he is not a mushy person. The comic touch, which I did not think was funny at the time, was totally him, even if I was at my expense. I  had the last laugh in the end because, I am now Mrs. J.

Tell us about your proposal or your perfect proposal and add your link below....

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Anonymous said...

How funny! Doesn't matter if it was're married! Yay!