Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is Your Life Thursday

This week's This is Your Life Thursday was suppose to be something else, but I did not like my topic. Since it is my blog I have decided to change it. This Thursday's topic is.....

What 10 Things Can You Do with $5.00?

  1. Buy a pair of shoes.
  2. Get a hamburger, small fry and a chocolate milk shake from McDonalds.
  3. Get 10 rolls of paper towels from Family Dollar.
  4. Donate to a good cause.
  5. Buy 2 bottles of nail polish.
  6. Buy 3 pieces of clothing from the thrift store. 
  7. Make a paper airplane.
  8. Pump a few ounces of gas. 
  9. Buy a bottle of vitamins from CVS.
  10. A large pepparoni pizza from Little Cesears
This might be the last week that I add a Linky to my Thursday post, since I have not been getting many responses. I have searched other blogs and have noticed that there are several other Thursday series going on. I will make a decision next week about it.

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