Thursday, June 10, 2010

Book Report: Mommywood

I just finished Mommywood by Tori Spelling. Mommywood is a continuation of sorts of her current life with her children and husband, that started in sTori telling. In Mommywood, she is learning how to balance her celebrity life, her job and with her family, like many of us.  Her experiences as a wife and mother, granted we are not all going to the zoo with our children and a couple of cameramen in tow, are experiences that every mother and wife can have. Tori has the same insecurities, maybe at times extreme, about how she wants her marriage and how to keep her family safe. Through reading the book, she wants what all of us want, which is a normal, happy family.

It was a really light read, full of humor and honesty. I really enjoyed  reading the book, even though my husband made comments about my reading selection. Mr. J will I have even more to say since Tori Spelling's new book unchartered terriTori comes out on June 15 and I plan on getting it. If you need a good laugh or want to catch up on the happenings of Torri Spelling, I recommend reading Mommywood.

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