Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wedded Wednesday: Sleeping

Wedded Wednesday is a collaboration
of married bloggers sharing their inspirations,
anecdotes, struggles and thoughts regarding
the amazing union of two separate people, as one 

The other night  I was laying bed and rolled over to see Mr. J sleeping. As a slight snore rolled out of his mouth and I  thought, this is my husband. I began to think about all the laughs that we have had over the years, all the fun that we have had the last two weeks and what a big support he has been the last few week as I have assisting with my mom's recovery process. I watched him sleep some more and thought how much I really appreciate and love this man. I watched him sleep some more, I began to get sleepy so I snuggled up to his back to rest for the evening. Suddenly the snore stopped and I heard, " I was wondering when you were going to stop starring at me". I giggled and smiled. Within moments, all I could hear was the light snore of my husband that lulled me to sleep.

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Johanna said...

Oh my goodness. I am laughing at the idea of my husband's snorning lulling me to sleep! That is sweet.

Dana said...

His snoring does not always put me to sleep, unless I put a pillow over my head.

tiffany said...

Hilrious! I do that my husby all the time, he will wake up and please stop!