Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wedded Wednesday......Hubby vs. Sleep

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the amazing union of two separate people, as one.
My hubby and I work different shifts. We have always worked different shifts during our relationship and it has worked for us. Usually when I am coming home from work, he is leaving for work. Our bodies are on totally different time schedules. This does cause some conflict when he is off (which are not normal weekend days) and he wants me to stay up, but my body is saying "Sleep, sleep, sleep." I have tried several things like taking a nap or sleeping in later in the morning so that our couples time is not spent with him watching me sleep on the couch. Sometimes it is really hard and sleep still wins out. I even have tried to justify it by say that we are cuddling when  I fall asleep in his arms....that justification only lasted for so long,  Mr. J  has made little comments about me falling asleep, but he has also made some compromises such getting up when he is normally sleeping or planning activities earlier in the day so that I  can go to sleep when my body chooses to shut down. We are still working on this area, especially since spending time together is important to us. We just just have to find a balance so that sleep does not always win out.


The PeachPost said...

I can imagine that being a little difficult, but there are always little compromises that we have to make in marriages. I am sure you guys will find something that works well.

Sarah Louise said...

Ugh. My husband and I have the same problem! He works retail, and I work nights as a RN. So we never get a normal weekend. Luckily, his boss really likes him so as soon as I get my schedule he will put in his requests to have the same days off...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.