Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedded Wednesday--Victoria Secrets vs. Hanes

I might be telling too much of my business, but I wanted to share anyway. Mr. J said to me the other day, "Why don't you wear those cute sexy panties anymore? You always have on those "little girl" panties with all of the prints on them". My reply is that I want to be comfortable. Why do I have to feel sexy to go work and sit  in a cubicle all day? Why do I have to feel sexy to see my clients? Sometimes sexy panties ride up in your bottom, make you slide in your seat or are uncomfortable to wear. I feel cute in my Hanes Her Way with the prints, because I match them up with my bras, I do not know what Mr. J is talking about. My sexy panties are for him, especially for date night or when I just want to feel extra special. Men do not have to go through all of these selections of satin, silk or cotton underwear, they have one...cotton. Even though their cotton underwear , may come in many different styles and colors they do not have that much of a selection. Since he has made his observation, I may make more of an effort of wear my sexy panties ( again I said maybe) more often. I must say for my day to day use, it will be Hanes Her Way all the way.


Faith said...

hahaha, seriously! :)

only for date night do i wear sexy panties, lol. for work & the gym it is comfortable panties all the way. who wants to wear a thong when they are working out? well, i don't!

Dana said...

I really can not see working out in satin panties. You would spend more time pulling them out of your butt than actually working out. Wearing a thong working out I think would cause some damage.