Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedded Wednesday-- Gardening

My husband and I have a garden. This year I actually assisted with turning over the soil and planting. We have gotten lots of  yummy veggies out of our garden like the tomatos, heads of cabbage and broccoli. With all of the gardening, it has been a true team effort. Mr. J keeps the garden neat, we both pick veggies and I cook all the goodies. This process of  gardening is a learning and growing one, is like growing a marriage. You grow and learn as people and together and your relationship is what you produce.  I have really enjoyed working on the garden with Mr. J, not all the hard work in the dirt though, but the time spend together learning about Mr. J and us as a couple. 

Yummy veggies from our garden


Anonymous said...

Impressive! We didn't grow vegetables this year but I am obsessed with my flowers :)

Faith said...

i can't wait to grow veggies! right now i just have to remember to water my flowers. i am not that great at it.