Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend Sweeps

After work went to dinner with my friends, Bev and Lynnette.


Had a baby shower for my friend, Danielle. My friend Chevon and I co-hosted. This will be Danielle's 4th baby. We are happy to see when Aiden will join us. We played a few games and had lots of girl talk.

After everyone left from the shower, I needed to watch some movies that would be ok to be shown at an event at my church. My friend Chevon, stayed to watch them with me. We watched...

We liked the movie " A Good Man is Hard to Find" better than "The Walk". The truth be honest about it was that we fell asleep on "The Walk".


Went to church. When church was over I went to the state fair with my girlfriends and Mr. J went to visit some of his high school friends. I did not ride any rides but I ate....but what elese do you do at the fair. I had a funnel cake,  an Icee, fries, ice cream from tne dairy barn and an ear of corn. The only thing that I forgot was a carmel apple with peanuts....but by time I thought about it I was stuffed. 

Hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend.

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Nicole Bingham said...

I'm going to download a good man is hard to find! Thanks for the movie recommendation!