Thursday, September 16, 2010

Duck Love

In preparation for fall, I wanted to treat myself to a new purse. I had thought about taking a trip to my local Coach outlet to get one ( I still might), but I was walking in Marshalls and found this baby....

Image found here

Isn't she pretty? Even better, since I bought it at Marshalls I paid a lot less than getting at a retail store. I have not had a new Donney and Bourke is several years. When I was little, my mom and I used to go to the Donney and Bourke store in Pennsylvia. I wonder if is still there.

I have not broke her out yet, I am waiting on the official start of fall, so one more week. Yeah!!

Is there anything that you want new for fall?


Jules said...

Cute bag and perfect for the fall!

I'm craving a new pair of boots.

Dana said...

Thanks. I saw some boots that I want for fall as well, but everything in moderation.

Faith said...

such a great bag! i love it!

i want a new jacket and new boots!

The PeachPost said...

I am looking forward to buying a couple of cute sweaters/cardigans and lightweight jackets.

Dana said...

@ Peach Post--I need sort through my sweaters before I purchase any more.