Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedded Wednesday--I Love You

How do you say I love you? I recently read an article on The Hub Pages, about ways to say I love you. In reading the article I realized that I do some of the things on their list, even without thinking about it. Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most,even when we do not realize it. Here are a few ways I tell Mr. J I love him...

  1. Every morning before I leave for work I give my husband a kiss and say I love you.
  2. Make is favorite dessert.
  3. Send him a text when he is on his way to work telling him to have a good day.
  4. Laughing at his jokes.
  5. Getting a sappy card at least once a month expressing how I feel about him.
  6. Since we work different shifts we talk on each other lunch breaks.
  7. Leaving dinner out for him to come home to.
  8. Surprising him with uploading his Ipod with new music.
  9. Praying for him daily.
  10. Calling him by his pet name.
According to the article, if you do 5 of the things that they have on the list everyday (which might be very hard), your relationship will last a long time and you will be happy. I do know about that for sure. I guess we will just have to test some of items out on the list to find out. Let us know how it goes.

How do you say I love you?


Faith said...

yay!! i do some of these things too! haha :)

Eve said...

Fun list. I also do some of these things, plus more. I think a lot of other things like folding his laundry and not throwing away his car magazines are "I love you"s as well. heheee