Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wedded Wednesday-- My Husband

I think that a lot of us bloggers talk about our husband, but what do we really know about them. This week I am going to tell 10 things about my husband.
  1. His name begins with a C.
  2. He is quite handy. He likes to work in the yard, on cars and fix stuff around the house.
  3. He is a grill master.
  4. He enjoys wearing hats. Like to my surprise, at our wedding he decided to wear one of his signature hats. It was not planned, but I must say that it looked very nice. 
  5. He is bald, which I think is sexy.
  6. His favorite tv shows are any car show, True Blood, CSI Miami and Sons of Anarchy.
  7. He likes me to make cheese cake for him.
  8. He is very affectionate. 
  9. He is very funny and loves to make me laugh.
  10. He would rather watch a movie in the "man cave" than going to the movie theatre.
Tell us 10 things about your husband. 


The Edberg's said...

# He likes to cut the grass and enjoys finding new ways to cut designs into it.
# He is quite the conversationalist, he is a good listener and talker and enjoys telling me about his day.
# He is the primary cook at home, enjoys exploring in the kitchen and isn't one to estimate on measurements or ingredients.
# He enjoys wearing hooded sweatshirts as jackets. He has an abnormally high body temperature and can often be seen in shorts through November or on a nice day in mid-January.
# He has a great smile and smiles nice for pictures, I think it's sexy.
# His favorite tv shows are any sports show or most cooking shows. We don't have cable so have found that shows we would have passed up before are now our favorites - like Criminal Minds.
# He likes when I make the bed. It is an easy way to show my love.
# He is very affectionate and touchy feely.
# He is very funny and loves to make me laugh.
# He would rather watch a movie at home, on skipping internet than going to the movie theater.

Faith said...

1. My husband loves God.
2. My husband loves to eat, especially chicken wings.
3. My husband loves to take care of me.
4 My husband loves to shop for me and himself.
5. My husband loves comedy movies ... any other movies makes him fall asleep, even after he has spent $10.
6. My husband loves to dress up.
7. My husband loves his mother, a lot.
8. My husband loves rugby.
9. My husband has a lot of great friends because he is a great friend
10. My husband loves me and I am so darn lucky.

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

Awwww. I loved these. I love that he wore a hat at your wedding! I love a man in a hat.

Dana said...

@ The Edberg-- My husband also like to create designs in the yard. It has become like artwork for the yard.

@ Faith--I love how much your husband loves to take care of you. That is so great. Isn't nice to have someone have your back like that?

@ Kelly--I did not think that I would like the hat. People were even trying to hide the fact that he had one on from me before the wedding. It was so him though. Since I did pick out everything that he wore for the wedding, I guess him wear a hat was not a big deal. Made our pictures look kinda of retro with his suit and my dresss and birdcage veil. We has a 40's vibe going on and I loved it.

Faith said...

it really is nice! :)

we have some great men in our lives. we're blessed!

The PeachPost said...

Too cute - I love this post!!!

Dana said...

Thanks @ Peach Post

We sure do Faith.