Thursday, October 14, 2010

Parent: Friend or Foe?

The other day I went to the library and there was a group of young girls, about 5 of them, were arguing in the lobby. I saw a women with her 2 year old go to the library counter and complain. The library security guard went to to escort them out of the library, the words that were being said ....all I could say was wow. I know that I sometimes have a foul mouth, but they totally had me beat. As they were being escorted from the library, they kept yelling at one another and the security guard. As they got into their car in the library parking lot, one of the girls said  "Mom, get in the car." To my astonishment, one of the people in the group was one of the mothers' of the other girls. As I watched them get into the car and drive to a near by church parking lot they continued to yell and scream at each other, I still was amazed at the fact that a parent was encouraging this behavior. When did parents, stop being parents? I remember when all the parents on my street, scoulded me for doing something wrong. I knew as a child that my mom was not "my friend" but my parent. When did this all change in our society?  It really makes me think about how I am going to parent and raise my kids. I hope that I am able to build a relationship with my children that they know that when being disciplined or redirected, that I am doing it with love so that they can benefit in the future. It really makes me sad that those young ladies, have a role model like since it is going to effect how they mother and live their lives as women.


Faith said...

it is really sad. sad that this is the way it is these days. i would never understand how any parent would let their child act anyway they want. and they think spanking shouldn't be allowed. this is the reason why so many kids act the way they do. and it also doesn't help that many of these parents were way too young when they had their children .. but i digress.

Dana said...

I agree with you.