Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wedded Wednesday: A Different Holiday

With holidays upon us, the hubby and I already have a few events on our schedule. I enjoy the holidays and would like to do some different things this year. There are events going on all over my town that I have never attended, so this year the hubby and I each choose one event of the holiday season that we would use as our date night. I had a hard time trying to decide on what I wanted to do, since there was so many choices. Of course I took the easy way out and choose something that I could be warm and a car. I chose for us to attend the lights at our local reservoir. To see the lights, you just pay a fee, about $5.00 per car, and you just drive through and see all the wonderful lights. I thought it was a good choice, especially since all the money goes towards our local Special Olympics.

The hubby choice for us to go and see the Wild Lights at the Zoo. It sounds fun. I will just make sure that I bundle up.

I think that this is another way of us building our own holiday traditions while spending time together. I will update you on how the outings went. I can not wait.

Are  you doing anything different or new this holiday season?


Faith said...

I really want to do a Christmas dinner for friends this year! The hubs is not convinced yet but I haven't expressed to him how much I want to do it. So hopefully, I will convince him soon! :)

I love seeing all the lights around town, esp. the houses that are all decked out!

Sounds like a fun date nights ahead!

Aarika said...

Every year I say that I want to do something different for Christmas, but I never plan anything. My Decembers always seem to be ridiculously busy. I would like to go to the murder mystery dinner theatre and see their Christmas show. But we will see what happens.