Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekend Sweeps


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Attend my office holiday luncheon and afterward took a half of day to try to get some my holiday stuff done. Even though I was tired that evening from cleaning my home and doing some baking, I stayed up and watched Holiday Inn. Love that movie.


My mom and I decorated our church for the holidays. We must do this sooner since it looks so nice when decorated. That evening I hosted my second job's annual craft party. We had so much fun. This year we made holiday pilliows. We also made what I call "boo-boo pillows", that were little pillows that we filled with balsamic rice and when heated up in the microwave and placed on a "boo-boo" makes it feel better.


Continued the family tradition and made Christmas cookies with my mom. It was fun and alot of work. The work was worth it because they are so yummy.

Hope you had a great weekend!!

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