Friday, January 21, 2011

Commit To Be Fit

I think that I eat healthy. I love to eat fruits and veggies, but I do have a sweet tooth. I know what my problem is.....exercise. I like it and how it makes me feel better, but then I just get lazy and stop working out. This year I have come up with a plan to try  to keep my workouts going. A few weeks ago Target had all of their exercise videos on sale for $10.00. I purchased 3 of them. I got...

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I purchased two of the walking videos. One has some resistance training with it and the other is a 30 minute quick walk. I have also started to go back to the gym more often usually one to two times a week taking water aerobics or walking on the treadmill. I have also signed up for a line dancing class to help with a little more variety. I want to do at least workout 4 times a week, so far I have done 3.

Another thing that has helped me over the last few weeks is a calorie counter application that I loaded on my Blackberry. It is called Calorie Counter by FatSecret . It has an supermarket and restaurant guide within the application. You can track your food intake and it counts how many calories, fat grams and carbs you have taken in each meal. You can enter your exercise for the day and it will show you how much have burned from what you have eaten. I am trying to stay between 1500-1600 calories each day, so it has really helped me plan what I am going to eat. If you go to the website, there are applications for other phones as well.

I have joined a group on Facebook. One of my sorority sisters started the group. There are weekly questions about health and exercise, members share their different diet tips and their ups and downs with fighting the battle of the bulge. I have found it helpful in hearing other peoples stories, obtaining an accountability partner and some yummy low fat snack recipes and suggestions.

For now, one of the other things I have decided to do, per a challenge from one of my friends who I workout with, is do the 5 mile March of Dimes walk and Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure which both take place in May. It gives me a little time to get myself prepared and ready for the walks. It should not be so bad since I already walk between 2-3 miles on the treadmill.

I am going to try to update you guys weekly so that I can be accountable to you and maybe we can use this a forum to share our weight loss and gain stories and tips with each other.

In this quest to have a healthy life....what keeps you motivated?

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