Thursday, January 13, 2011

How Did 2010 Go?

A few weeks ago, I blogged soem new years questions. Aarika from The Peach Post asked if I would review how I did with my 2010 goals. Here it goes........

  • Blog at least 3x per week ---I think I did pretty good about this. I know that every week I did not blog 3x, but I at least did 2. I am going to continue to set this goal for myself.
  • Build a closer relationship with God --I like many others are still working on this. I wanted to read the Bible in a year last year and I did not accomplish that, but I have started that goal this year and it is going pretty good so far. This goal is always going to be a goal in my life, since I will always want a relationship with God and like any relationship there is always room for improvment.
  • Complete some home improvement projects-- Well, we painted this past summer. We wanted to start remodeling our downstairs bathroom, but did not get to it. We are planning on trying to get this goal completed before this summer.
  • Keep my closets together --This comes and goes. Still working on an organizational system to keep it straight all the time.
  • Lose 50 pounds -- Lost 20. Gained 10. Got lazy. Started back on the exercicse routine and watching what I eat.
  • Plan a vacation or weekend trips with the hubby --We went to Pittsburgh for our 1st anniversary. We did a couple of 3-days weekends through out the rest of the year.
  • Read 10 books --Did do this.
  • Save $500.00 --Did this in my own personal savings, but most of it was in my Christmas Club. I am looking at doing more this year.
  •  Spend more time with the hubby --Accomplished. We both made an effort to do this.
  • Try at least 5 new baking or cooking recipes --Completed. Most of them were desserts since I have a big sweet tooth.
How did you do with your 2010 goals?

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Aarika said...

It seems like you did pretty well with your goals. I think that I did okay with mine. Last year I set a superficial goal of doing my nails more and I definitely kept up with that one. There's plenty of new nail polish to show for it!!!