Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedded Wednesday: Am I A Cheap Date?

After reading an article on The, about fun winter dates that are cheap, I thought to myself, "Am I a cheap date?". After much thought and looking at some of the suggested activities on the list, I discovered that I am a cheap date (at times). Here are some fun winter ideas that they suggest to keep your cold winter days and nights warm.....
  • Stay in and make a warm hearty meal together.
  • Go sleding. ( The hubby and I might do this, this weekend since have snow and are expected to get more)
  • Make over move night. ( We always love a good movie night. We usually fight over who can make the best popcorn)
  • Play a game, be it a board game or Wii, and add a wager. Make it fun, who ever loses make breakfast the next day or cleans the others car. ( The hubby and I play games all the time, but never with a wager. Might have to try this one.)
What type of fun winter dates do you and your hubby do? Have fun discovering new things to do together this winter and let us all know how it went. I can wait to hear what happened.

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Anonymous said...

We went sledding over Christmas vacation and it was super fun! My husband likes to keep the inner child alive!