Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wedded Wednesday: That Annoys Me

How do to tell someone that you love that they annoy you? Simple..just tell them. The other day my husband and I were watching tv. Of course he was watching Modern Marvels, which is  not something that I regularly watch, but since I was in "the man room" I watched it. About after watching 30 mintues of the show, he decides to pull up the guide, which I did not mind since I was still able to watch the show. Next thing I know, I see watches appear. He had changed the channel. I looked down the couch and said," That is annoying." Of course, he looks at me and says, "What?". What? What..he says. I began to explain that flipping the channels once someone gets into a show was annoying. His reply was, "You did not want to watch it any way." That was no excuse. I sat there for about 2 minutes just looking at the tv, while was still talking to me. Even though he was talking, I did not respond.  I think that he got the hint, since he turned the channel back to the original show that we were watching. Of course, he played it off to that the watch show he wanted to watch was showing items that he had already seen. Whatever.

I noticed that the rest of weekend when we were watching tv, that he asked what I wanted to watch and we chose shows that we both wanted to see.  I guess at times expressing how you feel, can get the results that you want.

How do you deal with things that annoy you?


Anonymous said...

It would be easier if I was just honest right away! Sometimes I pent up things until I'm practically crying about them. Not good! This is a good reminder to just get it out there!

Faith said...

oh boy! i have a temper and i talk too fast! it always ends pretty quickly cuz that look on his face is like, what?! that annoys me! but i also believe that getting it out is the best policy! it is the worst thing to keep things bottled up. i just have to chill out sometimes, i can admit that :)