Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wedded Wednesday on Thursday: Valentine's Day Ideas

The day of love is almost upon us. What are you doing for Valentine's Day? We do not have anything really special planned, but we are going to attend a couples fellowship bowling event at my church this Friday. I am looking forward to it. It seems like fun. We did decide that we are going to exchange gifts, but they can not be expensive, just meaningful. We will proabably do dinner or something on Sunday, since he has to work on Monday. When looking for some creative and fun ideas for Valentine's Day I came upon this article at The Huffington Post with some ideas and decided to share.
  • Take a dance class.
  • Make a massage coupon ( I have done this before. He loved it. Cheap gift.)
  • Save the planet and send an personalize e-card or adopt a pet in your loved ones name.
  • Buy some organic chocolates.
  • Cook a gourmet meal.
  • Write a poem.
  • Plan a future vacation to a place that your loved one wants to visit.
  • Write a love note.
  • For the coffee lover, give them a recyclable coffee cup and some of their favorite coffee that they can brew at home for months to come. (gourmet hot chocolate works well too.)

You have any additional ideas to share? Whatever you do, I hope that you have a great Valentine's Day.

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