Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodnight Sleep

The hubby and  I just purchased a new bed. I can not wait for it to be delivered. It is an upgrade from a queen to a king. We just got the bed and the mattress since our dressers are still good and match the new bed.  I can not wait for it to come. It has extra storage underneath the bed which we need. I just need to get some additional sheets that fit. This kinda of an anniversary gift to each  other.

Since we have gotten a new bed, which is wider than the bed we currently have, I do not think that our night stands are going to fit.  I have been searching the Internet to find some alternatives for our current nightstands. I have found this one so far.  Becky at Piece O' Cake Designs Blog, had her husband  make these. They look very simple and I think that the hubby would be able to make these or something like them.

I love decorating our home and I look forward to making our new bedroom nice and cozy.


Jules said...

I would love to upgrade to a King Size bed. That is so awesome and I love that it has storge too.

Dana said...

We have saved and waited a long time to get one. I can not wait and I also love the storage.