Thursday, March 24, 2011

In Need Spring

Can you tell me why Sunday was the first day of spring and I woke up this morning with snow on the roof of my house? Yes, I did say SNOW. I do not know why I am surprised, when it happens every March. We get a few days of 60 or even 70 degree weather and then we are back to 30 and 40 degree weather. I am over it. I am ready for flip-flops. I need some sun and warmth.I guess patience is truly a virtue, because I am truly patiently (or at least trying) waiting on spring.


Jules said...

I could not agree more and that is partially why March can be such a frustrating month. I'm ready for the warm temps to get here and stay here.

Tania said...

A-MEN!!!! I want tank tops and flip flops ASAP!

Dana said...