Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wedded Wednesday: Church and Marriage

What part does faith play in your marriage? I must preference this post by stating that my husband is a PK. You do not know what a PK is....a preachers kid. Since he is a PK, he feels that when he was a kid he was forced to go to church every Sunday morning and evening and several services throughout the week that he can now as an adult make the choice to go to church or not.

Even though, my husband is not a regular church goer, I know that he does believe in God and does think it is important in our lives. At times it bothers me that he does not attend every Sunday with me, but I continue ask him to go with me. When I attend service alone, he always asks when I get home how was service wand what Pastor talked about. Sometimes I want to give a smart-butt comment back like," If you came, you would know.", but I refrain from saying thatt would just deter him more. I would like to have more of that spiritual connection with him. We have prayed together and have had in-depth conversations about our faith and how it will play out in our family and our lives, so I know where his heart and head are. Does it really matter if he is sitting next to me at church we have the same views and beliefs? What do you think?


Faith said...

i was a PK too and i felt the same way as your husband. as though i was forced to go as a child. when i got older it made me feel good to go because i knew i was going because i wanted to and not because someone else was making me go.

i think it is always nice to go to service with my husband and to be honest i would be a little down if i had to attend alone. but i think you have the right spirit. before you know it, he will be attending with you. i think it is something special about sitting together in church as a family.

Dana said...

I guess since it is the church that I grew up in, I do not feel so lonely.I just would like him to attend more. Slowly but surely he is coming to more things each month.