Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedded Wednesday: Single vs. Married

I have been involved in a few casual discussions about , if married people should socialize or hang out with single people. When the discussion first came about I thought this is dumb, since I was once single and I had married friends. I guess the argument is that, if you are married that do not have anything in common with a single person any more or that you may start acting like you are single when you have other commitments waiting on you at home. I think that is silly, especially since I have several good single friends that I do things with and feel that I should have to give up those relationships because I am married. What do you think?

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The Edberg's said...

I think it is important to surround myself with married and unmarried friends and family. Just like gay/straight/bi etc. or black/white/Chinese I think the marriage vs. single demographic is just another separation in any group of people.

To me, the more variety in ones life the better. Each group and person has a unique way of thinking, living, etc. and it is important to me to expose us and our family to all kinds of people.

Dana said...

I totally agree. I think that if everyone was the same, that we would all be pretty boring.

Mrs. K said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I like you're blog too. I'm going to look around some more :). Regarding your question, I do agree with you that you shouldn't have to abandon your old friends or even stop making single friends when you become married. You just have to set limits (especially when it comes to doing things that may not be appropriate when you're married)

Dana said...

@ Mrs. K-Thanks for stopping by. I do agree that you have to set limits on relationship or change them a bit, but not totally abandoning them.