Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedded Wednesday: What Would You Do For Love?

On Monday, the hubby and I watched the movie The Next Three Days. In this movie, Russell Crowe's character comes up with a plan to break his wife out of jail for a murder that she did not commit. ***SPOILER ALERT****Within this plan, he goes to meet with drug dealers, sells his house and spends hours on planning his wife's escape all so that he could have his family back together.

When the movie was getting towards the end, I ask my hubby "Would you do that for me?" We both looked at one another and then I stated, "I would put some money on your books and exhaust all ways that I could through the legal system, but I do not think that I would have enough guts to go to that point." He looks at me and said," Ditto on that, but I would miss you alot and would visit you often." As we talked, I thought about how much I would miss my hubby if something like that happened and how much my life would change. It made me think, "What would I do for love?" I think that I would do what it takes for someone that I love, within the legal limits. I think that love should not hurt or put in one in harms way. It really all depends on the situation, since you never really never know what you would do until it happens.

Some people go to the extreme for love or for what they call love, case in point Chris Brown and Rhianna or any of the women on Snapped. Putting yourself in Russell Crowe's position," What would you do for love?" How much are you willing to risk or give up for love? Let's us know.

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