Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Sweeps


Had an eventful day at work, such as a client that I was supposed to visit was not where they were supposed to be. Great??!!. Stopped at a consignmnet shop and picked up a new Vera Bradley bookbag. Love it. It is one of 3 I have picked up in consignment shops over the past few months. It is the Kensington pattern but the Miller bag style. I am new to this, so do you only collect on pattern at a time? Do you like Vera Bradley and if so what was your first bag.

After a little retail therapy, I went to my line dancing class and worked up a sweat. I came home and enjoyed a nice long bath and some tv.


Hubby and I went to my sorority's Jazz and Eggs event. The jazz band was very nice and the food was good.

After having a good meal, I walked it off by going to Trader Joe's, Walgreens, Crate and Barrell. After seeing the savings of Jules at Chic and pink, I have started my own coupon collection. It works wonders for he budget when I went to Kroger. 

Once I was done shopping, I went home and made the all-american meal of hanburgers and fries. Of course, my fries were sweet potato fries. Hubby was not feeling them so he made him some homemade steak fries.  Once we finished our meal we watched The Tourist and had dessert which the hubby had raspberry sherbert and I ate a Diet Pepsi Float( with reduced fat slow churred vanilla ice cream and a can of diet pepsi. According to Health magazine it is only 80 calories. Yummy!!)


Had a good service at church. Came home and took a nap. Did a little Easter decorating around the house. I cooked barbecue pork roast in the Crock-pot, oven roasted red potatoes, candied carrots, cabbage and cornbread. It was so yummy and the hubby can attest to that since he did not speak a whole word during the meal.  It was nice to just spending a  day relaxing.

Hope you had a good weekend as well.


Faith said...

sounds like an eventful weekend!

what did you think about The Tourist? i really liked it!

you made some amazing meals last weekend! yummy! i got hungry just reading your post!

Dana said...

We thought The Tourist was pretty good, but at times was slow. I made myself hungry just typing about it.