Friday, April 1, 2011

Click + Cut = Save

My mom has always been a coupon cutter. I remember going to  the grocery store with her and she would have the big box full of coupons. She always saved so much. I would use coupons that my mom gave for a few items here and there, but with times the way that they are I am taking this coupon thing a little more seriously. I purchased an Entrainment Book and have used some of the coupons in it, but have really taken the time to look though it and clip the most used coupons. I recently ordered the local Sunday only new paper and clipped out several coupons to fit in my new coupon holder that fits in my purse so that  I can have access to them.  I went to the grocery store this past weekend and saved almost $20.00 with the coupons that I used. That is more money in my pocket.

In doing my research to find more savings I have joined Groupon and  Money Saving Madness blog often for deals.  For more ideas on money saving ideas check out Jules at Chic and Pink. Do you have any money saving or coupon clipping ideas? Please share, we can all use a little extra pennies on our pockets.

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