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Thifty Thursday: How to Become a DD?

What is a DD you say? It is a Deals Diva. I have been watching TLC's Extreme Couponing, like many of us have been,  have been starting my own little stock pile of coupons and money saving tips.  Here a few sights that I have been visiting to assist in my learning process and I wanted to share:

Here is a clip from the Nate Berkus Show with The Krazy Coupon Lady.

I have found the resources on these sites useful in helping me in revamping savings quest and how I do my grocery shopping. Check them out and check back here for more Thrifty Thursdays tips. Have tips? Please share.


Faith said…
that show is absolutely incredible! i can't believe how much they save, or how little they spend on a crap load of food! amazing!

i have been clipping coupons for the last few months and it feels great to save!

i hope to get even better at it! thanks for the tips!!
Anonymous said…
I've been watching too! So fascinating! I have clipped some coupons but haven't used them yet. Oops :)

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