Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedded Wednesday: He Is The One?

As I get ready to celebrate my second  wedding anniversary next week, I thought about how did I know that Mr. J was " the one"? No, it was not the fact that we dated for almost a half century. No, it was not the fact that was lived together for several years before we got married. I knew that he was the one when:
  • He continued to put up with my crap.
  • He was supportive when my grandfather died.
  • He took over most of the finances without expectation of it when I got laid off my job.
  • He took me around his family for holidays.
  • He listened to me complain about my clients at work.
  • Helped me take my micro-braids out.
  • He made me laugh when I had to have dental surgery.
  • He made ice packs for my arthritic knees.
  • When he stated the he would do anything for my mom.
  • Went and got me chicken and noodles from Bob Evans when I was sick.
  • Listened to me whine when I did not want to do something.
  • Continues to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant even when he wants to eat some where else.
  • When he turned the TV off, instead of complaining about the electric bill when I fell asleep without setting the TV timer.
  • When he told me he loved me and could see us growing old together.
I am sure there are many more things that let me know that Mr. J was the one, but these were the ones that stood out for the moment. I am sure that this list will grow and change as we grow and change in our marriage. I am happy to be Mrs. J and I am glad that I found "the one" for me. What made your hubby "the one" for you?


toi said...

What a lovely post.

Thanks for stopping my blog, I would like to join force in the Music weekly post. How would you like to do that? :)

Gwen said...

What a sweet list. Happy soon to be 2nd Anniversary to you both!

Dana said...

Thanks Gwen. Thanks for stopping by.