Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedded Wednesday: " I Am Not June Cleaver."

In reading a post from Charli from Man,Wife and Dog, about an email that she received about her postings being all about her marriage being happy all of the time and not talking about the bad stuff.  Click here and here to view the posting and response. In reading her post and her lovely response back to the writer, I just wanted to shout," I am not June Cleaver." I think that most bloggers, well should I say that I read, do talk the ups and downs in their marriages, their likes and dislikes and a sprinkle of themselves in between. I think that most of us use this a forum to express ourselves and at times ask for a little help in our everyday lives and sometimes in our marriages.


Times have changed, some of us are able to be June Cleaver and some of us are not. I think that each day,  each minute and week, we are finding our way through our marriages. We all try to do what is best for us and our marriage, depending on where we  are in life, where we work and what makes us happy. I do not think that I aspire to be June Cleaver, but sometimes I do think that I am a Martha Stewart-wannabee. I do cook, bake and have a cleaning routine, but sometimes I just want to order a pizza and lay in the bed and watch TV and that is OK with the hubby. Mr. J will grill, clean the bathrooms and do laundry or just want to take a nap on the couch while his car shows watch him sleep and that is OK with me. I think that we all try to find some sort of balance in our lives and in our marriages so that nothing or no one gets neglected.

I hope that the writer of the email to Charli, takes her up on her offer and revisits her blog so that they can see how her marriage evolves and changes. We all need to realize that each marriage is different and what you do in your marriage someone else may not do in theirs.

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