Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Sweeps


Worked a half a day and went to go see the Madea's Big Happy Family. Love going to matinees, less people and cheaper tickets. The movie was funny and I really enjoyed it.

After seeing a matinee, I went to MoMo's to sing a little karaoke. I think that my favorite karaoke songs, I sung were Purple Rain, Smells Like Teen Spirit and Billie Jean. Can not wait to do karaoke again.


Went and had a pedicure and my eyebrows arched. Came home and relaxed on the couch and watch some TV. Ended up going to the store with my mom to look for some Easter candy. We went to Target and Toys R Us and they were all sold out of candy. Since when does Easter candy sell out? We found a few things, good ole Target and headed home.

We came home and I made tacos for my hubby and mom. My mom and I watch the Ten Commandments, as I sat there and made my critics review of the acting and attire of the film. I should give them the classic a little slack it was made in 1956.


My mom, hubby and I travelled to my hubby's hometown for our annual Easter gathering. We attended church at one of sister-in-laws church and then had dinner with the family. We made it back in decent time, but I was so tired, I immediately did a little straightening of the kitchen and went straight to my bed. It was a nice day.

Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend as well.


Faith said...

sounds like a busy weekend!

mine was a lil less eventful and i kinda liked it!

Whitney said...

We went to see Madea as well! SO loved it!