Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why Bargain Now?

I usually do not speak about politics but  I think that this issue is important, especially it will effect me. Senate Bill 5 is a bill that Governor Kasich signed earlier this year which restricts unions, especially for public employees, to bargain for benefits like salaries and health insurance. Before he signed the Senate Bill 5 into law the unions wanted to speak to him and possibly work out some sort of compromise, but he stated no. Well, that did not sit well with public employees and we banned together and obtained enough signatures get the bill on this November ballot for repeal. It was announced yesterday that the Governor now wants to meet with union officials to work on a compromise. I say, why now? Since the Governor Kasich  took such a hard line with union officials when they wanted to work on a compromise and speak to him about what the people of the state of Ohio wanted. Why care now? Did he see the power of the people? Did he see that his own party did not agree with his decision?

I just think that it is sad that it has had to come this. If Governor Kasich just had listened in the first place instead of the listening to his ego....we would not be where we are today.

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Faith said...

and this is seriously what is wrong with a lot in the world today ... no one listens. no one cares to listen. it is sad.