Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedded Wednesday: You're a Kill Joy

I was told the other day that , "You are a kill joy." by my hubby. I was kinda like what? He began to tell me that I was killing the his joy with experiencing the pregnancy. I am sorry that that I do not want to have my stomach jiggled or be told that you are going to big in a few month. I had to explain to him that those thing are not cute nor do that make me feel cute. Then he had the nerve to act like his feelings were hurt when I explained it to him. I was like "Geesh..." and I am the one with all the raging hormones. To help him feel more apart of my pregnancy process, which I want him to be but on my terms, I had to give the following guidelines ( not sure if they will be followed but I tried).

  • You may touch my belly, but do not jiggle me. 
  • You may say the baby is growing, but not that I am getting big.
  • Must attend all ultrasounds and ask about all doctors appointments. 
  • Encourage me to exercise and eat healthy.
  • Tell me that you love me even as my body is changing. ( I am sure this will be followed).
I think that my rules are very straight forward and easy to follow. What do think? I think that they will allow Mr. J to be apart of the process without, offending me.  I am sure that these guidelines will change as my pregnancy goes along, but for right now we are comfortable with them. If  I am happy, he is happy which makes baby happy.


Amber said...

I think sometimes guys just don't "get it" and I agree that those guidelines are very reasonable! I hope he sticks to them.

Thanks so much for your comment on my last post!! Jaxon is such a joy.

Hope you have a great day... it's almost the weekend! :-)

Dana said...

Thanks for your comment. Yah..It is the weekend.

Faith said...

i think your rules are very reasonable. those would be my rules as well. i hope he acknowleges and follows them as you want ... i truly don't think it is too much to ask for those rules to be followed or too difficult to actually follow them.