Thursday, October 27, 2011

24 Weeks

I swear that I looked bigger last week, but it might be because I had on a stripped shirt. Who knows. Here is this weeks update. 

Size of Baby: Baby J is the length of an ear of corn. Still pretty small in size, but getting bigger each week.

Maternity Clothes: Wearing whatever is comfortable. 

Gender: Still don't know. Maybe I will be able to see in a week or so.

Movement: Baby J is a little mover, which is a good thing. Sometimes when Baby J moves kinda gives a weird feeling in my throat.

Sleep: Getting more energy back, but some days I really just want to sleep.

What I Miss: Being able to go, go, go. I try to complete task around the house, but I have to do a little and then stop and start again. I end up getting the task done but it just takes me a little bit longer. 

Cravings: Still loving sweets especially Reese's cups, which is not a really good thing.

Symptoms: Sometimes it takes me a little while to get comfortable in bed at night. I have noticed a little bit of swelling at night of my ankles, so it just gives me an excuse to put my feet up.

Moment of the Week: Thought last week that I found my bedding, but I have found something totally different that is cheaper and a little more sophisticated. I already have the room planned out in my head. Let's just hope it all works out.


Heather said...

You look beautiful! I'm not having kids for a couple years but love following others' blogs to learn all about the experience before it's my turn.

dana said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Marilyn said...

Awww, sooo cute.. You look awesome.. :))

Dana said...

Thanks for the positive reinforcement.