Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend Sweeps and a Hodgepodge of Other Stuff

On Friday, went to line dancing class and then came home and relaxed.  Saturday,  slept in until 2:00pm and it was wonderful. I eventually got up and went to see my friend Lynnette and her new baby Maya. She is really cute. It gave me a glimpse of what motherhood is going to entail on a day to day basis. Came home and really wanted something sweet and text the hubby to get me a piece of Crazy Craig's Carrot Cake Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory while he was out. He said that he told the sales clerk that it was for a pregnant woman and they gave me extra whipped cream on the side. It was so good and a great way to end the evening. 
Sunday, went to church and ushered. Came home and did a little housework and some cooking that would last for the week. Laid on the couch and cleared some shows from my Tivo. After the hubby got done with working on his car, we just chilled on the couch and watched some more TV. It was a good weekend, but it went so quick. I hope that you had a good weekend as well.

  • Did anyone else see the premier of Monster-in-law? Wow!!! I hope that I never have any of those experiences with my in-laws.
  • Watched The Rachel Zoe Project and I like her sons name of Skylar. 
  • Halloween is less than a week away..let the candy eating begin. 
  • Thinking about what to get the people for the holidays. What do you want Santa to bring you?
  • Loving apples and carmel apple dip. Yummy!!!
  • Still looking to recommendations for great mommy and wifey blogs. Email me and let me know.


Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Didn't see the Monster-in-law premier but now I'm intrigued.

Rachel Zoe is such a classy lady.

Halloween is going to ruin me for my skinny jeans.

I am on my way to being DONE with Christmas shopping. I convinced my parents and my husband that we should exchange only books this year so everyong is buying a book for everyone else. This should save some time spent agonizing and definitely some money, too...I'm looking forward to putting up the tree, though (hurry up, Thanksgiving!)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Great weekend...I love new babies!! Just started to think about Xmas!

Mould Remover said...
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Heather said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog today -- looking forward to following yours! :)