Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wedded Wednesday: 1,2, 5 or 20 Children.....What?

 Now that I am expecting, I have been looking at baby items and realizing the expense. It is not cheap. Last week, Michelle Duggar announced that she was pregnant with her 20th baby. My first thought was "What!?" and my second thought was too congratulate her.I began to think about all the expense of one child, what about 20 children ......crazy. How many children is too many children? Should society dictate how  many children each person can have? I know some countries already try to regulate this.  Personally, I think that each couple needs to decide what is best for them then adjust their lifestyle to accommodate their choice. The hubby and I have discussed that Baby J might be it for us, but who knows what will happen when Baby J arrives. What do you think?


mrstdj said...

I give those Duggars the side eye for sure. 20 kids?????? Um, yeah. I don't think that we as society have the right to mandate how many is too many. From a safety and wellness standpoint, I think it's unfair to the older children to push them into instant babysitters the minute they are able to "supervise" some of the younger ones. One is perfect for hubby and I, but I don't knock any couple that has more.

Faith said...

i truly hate to be judgmental and talk about how others choose to live their lives but this i wonder about.

the reason is because her last child she wasn't in the best healthy state and she almost lost her life. then for them to do it again, i understand that you guys do not believe in birth control, but there are just so many times in a month that one can get pregnant. why can't they just skip those days?! ugh. after a while i begin to wonder if this is really what she wants or her husband.

it will be horrible for 20 kids to be without their mother if something terrible goes wrong. also, all the older kids are basically taking care of their siblings. i feel that is so unfair to them all.

but at the end of the day, this is not my life so my thoughts don't truly matter. i wish them all the best and wish her a happy and healthy 9 months.

Dana said...

I know sometimes that it is hard to not to judge. I felt the same way about it since I also thought about the other children, Michelle's health and her last pregnancy. You are right in the end, it is not our life but hers.