Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wedded Wednesday: More Than One Wife

I have been watching the show, Sister Wives for the past year and recently saw a show on polygamy on Our America with Lisa Ling. I really found these shows interesting and liked hearing their lives, since it is so different than mine. In watching the shows, I can only think...there is no way that I could live that lifestyle. I am not condemning how they chose to live their lives, but I can not see myself sharing my husband knowingly with another woman or two or three. I was amazed, from what I saw, how loving the these relationships were between each of the wives with the husband and with each other. The honest portrayal of these relationships, showing all the different aspects including the ups and downs, is appreciated. 

I guess that whatever type of relationship that you are in, they have their ups and downs and they are different from one another. I know for myself, that my marriage is only for myself and my husband and no one else. Could you be in a polygamist marriage? What are your thoughts of polygamy?


Faith said...

no way, no how! just couldn't do it. i am not jealous by nature but i couldn't share my husband. seriously, the thought alone disgusts me and i feel bad about it because i don't want to be judgmental in my life. but this is just one area i can't understand & honestly, i am not sure if i even want to understand it.

Dana said...

I feel you Faith.