Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekend Sweeps and OMG

On Friday, went and did my civic duty and passed out political literature for an issue that I care about that will be voted on at the upcoming November 8 election. I enjoyed the exercise, but I was tired from all of the walking. It made for good sleep on that evening. Saturday,  I did the normal Saturday housework and did a little relaxing.  That afternoon I went to church to assist with our Hallelujah Fall Fest. We had games, food and even have a game truck come out. If you do not know what a game truck is it is a truck that has all different game consoles in it with all different types of games. I really enjoyed exploring the game truck and think  that I had more fun in it than some of the kids. It was a really fun event and I hope that it gets bigger next year. After attending that event, I came home and watched HGtv, loving the High Low Project show,  until I went to bed. Sunday, went to church and it was really blessed service.Came home and the hubby made tacos...my favorite. It was a really relaxing afternoon, which I think it is the way that Sundays should be. I really enjoyed just chilling with the hubby and watching lots of TV.

I hope that you had a great weekend as well.

  • Congrats go out to Jessica Simpson and her fiancee' on their first child.
  • OMG....what was she thinking? Maybe this is what happens when one gets married after only dating for 9 months? At least she made some money off of the wedding since she filed for divorce after only 10 weeks. What a waste of white roses, 3 wedding gowns and a TV special.
  • The Hallmark Channel will be having their holiday open house this weekend. Love the holiday movies on The Hallmark Channel.
  • Can you believe that Thanksgiving is a few weeks away? Lets get ready for Black Friday.

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Faith said...

sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. i love the high low project too! def. inspires me!

aww, congrats to Jessica! she def. was hiding that bump for a while.

as for Kim ... I am so disgusted with her! great way to make such a mockery of marriage! and the $$$$ wasted for such a sham! really annoys me!

Black Friday couldn't come fast enough! Bring it on!! :)