Saturday, December 3, 2011

29 Weeks

Hello all. Sorry that I have not been posting that much this week. Having a little connection issues with the computer, but I have since got them solved. One more week until I hit the big 30 in weeks. I think my behind is alot bigger than my belly. I hope that changes after I deliver.

Size of Baby: Baby J is 3 pounds 5 ounces per the ultrasound that we had on Monday.
Maternity Clothes: Lots of stretchy clothes and comfortable shoes.

Gender:  Boy or girl?

Movement: Lots of movement. I have noticed that Baby J likes to move the most in the late afternoon or evening.
Sleep: Getting a little trying especially since I have been have lots of leg cramps at night.

What I Miss:  Walking without getting winded or  getting tired so quickly. Must be all that extra weight on my backside.

Cravings: Still none, it just when I really have a taste for something I really have to get or nothing will satisfy me.

Symptoms: I have been trying to workout once to twice a week and I have noticed that it takes a little longer to recover.

 Moment of the week:  Seeing Baby J on the ultrasound sticking out their tongue at the hubby and I and having my work baby shower with my co-worker Lisa ( will post pics later). 


Tania said...

You look great!! I love the belly!

Dana said...

Thanks Tania. You look good as well.

Faith said...

loving your baby bump! can't believe baby is 3 lbs already ... can't wait to hear what you are having when you have baby! :)